Join Our Sales Team

Our Sales Team are the driving force behind our flagship products;

Iongrich_energy_cp400 (1)

The mobile alkaline water treatment machine  (Alkaline Cup).


The feminine hygiene pack (Superbklean magnetic sanitary napkins).


Our team is responsible for

  1. personal selling
  2. online sales
  3. street sales
  4. door-to-door sales
  5. sales rallies.

Each sales personnel is responsible for educating prospects and customers about our products. 

The standard performance of each sales person is to achieve a sale of 1 unit of the Alkaline Cup and 1 box of the Superbklean Sanitary Napkin daily or 6 units each of these two products weekly.

Promotions are offered to sales personnel to facilitate the easy movement of our products. 



The standard minimum monthly salary of our sales personnel starts from GHS1,000.00 up to GHS10,000.00 per month subject to performance.

There are other incentives such as;

  1.  Vehicle
  2.  Personal loans
  3.  Sponsored continuous education
  4. Annual travel incentives
  5. Long-term house fund
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