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October has been an incredible month filled with exciting events, achievements, and milestones for our thriving community. As we reflect on the past month, it’s clear that the spirit of collaboration, dedication, and growth continues to drive our success.

The month kicked off on a high note as our Longrichers returned from an enriching and insightful 10-day trip to Longrich International, China. This experience not only deepened their understanding of our industry but also fostered a stronger sense of unity within our PGW-GH family, as well as giving the opportunity to discuss future developments with CEO Xu Zhiwei.

Mid-month, we hosted impactful Business Opportunity Meetings that served as powerful platforms for sharing knowledge, insights, and success stories. On the 15th, the vibrant city of Tamale played host to one such meeting, followed by events in Accra on the 22nd and WA. These gatherings were not only opportunities to expand our network but also marked the unveiling of a new global business office and stockist in WA.

In our commitment to health and wellness, October 27th saw a significant event at the University of Ghana Accra City campus. We proudly organized a breast screening initiative, in partnership with Medicas Hospital, AMZ Foundation and the Women’s Commission of the school body, powered by The Marketing Queen Pageantry, aligning with our belief in holistic well-being and community care, screening about 200 female students and giving away Longrich Superklean 3D sanitary napkins.

Celebrating the achievements of our dedicated members is a highlight of each newsletter, and October has seen some remarkable accomplishments. Nana Ama Agyemang rose to the Diamond 1 rank, Madam Cynthia Mensah Acromond achieved the Diamond 3 rank, while Mr. Terry Kwakuyi reached the pinnacle as a Diamond 5, all proudly representing the PGW Dream Crushers. Their journeys inspire us all to reach greater heights and exemplify the boundless opportunities within our community.

As we continue to grow, we’re thrilled to welcome three new stockists to our family. Radia Chentiwuni is now the proud stockist in Tamale, Terry Kwakuyi takes the helm as the Koforidua Stockist, and we extend a warm welcome to the Wa stockist. Their dedication and entrepreneurial spirit embody the core values of Longrich PGW-GH.

As we embark on the coming months, let us carry the momentum of October’s successes forward. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, empowering each other to achieve greatness and create lasting impact.

Here’s to a November filled with even more achievements, growth, and prosperity for PGW-GH Longrich; Better Life, Better Future

Warm regards,

Emma Adjoa Turkson

Longrich PGW-GH

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