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Longrich never ceases to impact much needed knowledge on its prospects, young and old alike. And Koforidua was honored to have Star Director Kennedy Amoako with them at the Capital View Hotel.

Speaking at the summit, he stated that when done right, when process is followed, even though there are challenges, prospects are well on their way to succeed in the network marketing business, especially the one that Longrich has provided. He encouraged all present, that their age, status or position cannot hinder them from succeeding because Longrich is no respecter of persons.

Throwing more light on the credibility of Longrich, he highlighted the quality products that Longrich is committed making available to users, which he believes should encourage prospects to confidently join the Longrich team.

He stressed, that Longrich offer of benefits compensation to its members is one that can be trusted and relied on. He said that the kind of financial freedom that prospects stand to experience is worth taking the chance on Longrich for. He said apart from money, Longrich also gives out Cars, Trips, and scholarships to the members of their network marketing platform.

He explained to prospects how the platform works; when members refer the business to others to also become members. He said with just that level members stand to enjoy four bonuses. He said when an individual joins, aside receiving money, he/she enjoys healthy products, discounts and product promos. An individual also receives direct referral bonus, performance bonus and development bonus when he/she signs up a new member. He also informed that one can also enjoy another bonus in addition to the previously stated bonuses, called the leadership bonus, when the new member also signs another member on. And that individual continue to build a team and raise leaders in his/her business, there are rank incentives, trips, car funds and scholarships available for them.\

He went ahead to further to educate prospects on the entry level packages available, which ones will work for various individuals and earners and how to move up in levels no the package an individual chooses.

With these options available, he finally admonished members and prospects that it is never too late to start or make it and encouraged all to work hard and take advantage of the current promotions running.

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