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Health is defined as the absence of physical illness, diseases and mental distress. Good health refers to the ability to possess fit bodily strength, mental stability and emotional steadiness. Good health usually goes hand-in-hand with well-being. It can be described as the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness, emotional and mental stability.  A lot of factors play a role in staying healthy. Some of these include; eating healthy, regular exercises, drinking a lot of alkaline based water regularly, avoiding excess toxins, protecting your body from harmful damage, etc. In addition to the factors listed above, make sure you visit your health care physician for regular health checkups. Good health in this way can decrease your risk of developing certain conditions such as heart disease, stroke, some cancers, infections and injuries. 

There are certain distinct secrets to achieving this good health and well-being, which are minimally known. In this article some of these secrets will be revealed, stretched out and dissected for the benefit of the reader. One major hidden secret to good health, well-being and longevity is organic health.

Organic, is a term in lay man’s tongue to mean “healthful” or “close to nature.” It can also describe foods grown without artificial fertilizers or even products manufactured with natural ingredients and less or no chemicals at all. In other uses, organic refers to materials that come from living things/nature. In a more medical sense, organic means “relating to the organs of the body”. Since organics is usually related to plants and animals (nature), organic living is often viewed as the culture to living through natural means.

Organic health is attested to be a great means to eliminating excess toxins from our body and thus help reduce some health risks. Not only does organic lifestyle help to reduce public health risks, but more so, foods or products organically manufactured are rich in nutrients, such as Vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. and they are with less exposure to nitrates, pesticide residues and other chemicals. Consequently, organic foods and products are increasingly gaining popularity because a greater portion of the population want to know of its benefits. The general public belief is that organic food or products are healthier as compared to the conventional ones, and it’s hence the primary reason for its increased demand over the past decade. The choice of consuming organic foods or products in general is thus a growing trend in the world of today following the realization of the need for a good health.

The next very necessary step is to consider the usage of organically manufactured products. Products manufactured with high chemical contents are in the long run, very detrimental to the health of all who take it regularly. Thus, to avoid future health problems, one must always seek the use of organic products. Take for example the Longrich range of products. These products have been vetted, testified and proven to be of good quality, organic and with very little chemical ingredients, and, they are also multi-purpose and health conscious. Because they are manufactured with highly organic ingredients and also under strict research and environmentally friendly conditions, their range of products can be said to meet the criteria for healthy living. In relation to this, there are some outstanding benefits one can gain from living an organic lifestyle and using products which are highly organic. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Better Overall health
  2. Stronger immune system
  3. Improved body organ function
  4. Absence of periodic diseases and chemical infections
  5. Anti-biotic Resistance
  6. Longevity

In conclusion, organic health is realized by many researches across the globe to be the best option for an overall good health and longevity for every individual. This is the reason why a survey through a selected range of Manufacturing Companies proved that Longrich, as mentioned above, had the wide range of quality organic health care and daily use products for all of its consumers. Due to the fact that products manufactured organically do not contain any form of artificial chemical contents, all forms of chemical toxins are eliminated and hence prevents one from suffering from diseases caused by such toxins. Every individual seeking for good health, natural strength and longevity must therefore consider living healthy by eating more organic foods, drinking good alkaline based water, exercise regularly and take in health products which have been processed organically (Longrich range of products).


Patience A. Offei

(Organic Health Consultant)

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