What can you achieve from the MLM Platform?

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Sometimes you wonder what are the benefits you stand to gain from partnering with an MLM business platform like Longrich. Other times you hear many with bitter experiences and complaints about MLMs. Thus, you become discouraged whenever you encounter an MLM opportunity, even to use their products. This is because you meet or hear from people who have joined the wrong MLM platform/leadership team/consultants. An authentic Product based MLM platform ensures that the following benefits are derived for all of its partners.

  1. Good Health and Longevity:

Good health simply means the absence of diseases, sicknesses or ailments from one’s body. It also means the ability to stay physically fit, mentally and emotionally stable. Longevity, which goes hand in hand with good health refers to remaining in good health for the longest period. One of the benefits of a good product based MLM business is the provision of quality products which ensures the good health and well-being of its consumers. In other words, the products sold/manufactured by authentic MLM Companies are of premium quality, health-wise.

Take for example the famous Longrich fluoride free toothpaste. This toothpaste- unlike the usual toothpaste brands in the market- is explicitly made to battle all forms of dental problems. The toothpaste is made to battle;

  • Gum bleeding problems, tooth sensitivity, halitosis/bad breath,
  • Teeth whitening,
  • Gum strengthening and
  • all forms of dental care needs.

Unlike the usual toothpastes which solve but a few of the above dental ailments, the Longrich toothpaste is fluoride-free (ie. Does not contain fluoride). This is because, excess fluoride can cause acute fluoride poisoning which is very detrimental to human health. Thus, it rather is infused with birch and white tea essence, in place of the fluoride, which in accordance, performs the same and even better functions as the fluoride.  The Longrich toothpaste is made with solely organic ingredients which are purposed to solve dental health problems and this is why it cannot be on the competitive shelves with the normal, usual toothpastes we have in the market.

Take another example, the Longrich Sanitary napkins (pad and panty liner). These sanitary towels are specially made with organic components and multiple plant-based bio-degradable layers which provide super absorbent qualities to females during their menstrual cycle. Aside the components being organic, and bio degradable, its also infused with magnetic energy which aids in solving all forms of menstrual disorder; menstrual cramps, irregular or little flows, hormonal imbalance, blood clotting, vaginal infections, etc. and even fertility related problems like fibroid, uterine cancer, etc. Unlike the usual sanitary napkins in the market which are mainly for absorbing menstrual fluid and ensuring an easy, hygienic and comfortable flow, the Longrich pad also gives these typical benefits in addition to solving the problems mentioned above. More so, even men suffering from prostate cancer, gonorrhea and other urinary tract infections can also use the panty liners to treat the problem-which the normal panty liners in the markets cannot fix.

Therefore, as a result, the Longrich toothpaste and the Longrich sanitary napkins turn out to be of premium quality and value, and hence attracts such prestige in its pricing. This scenario cuts across in all products or services rendered by authentic MLM Business platforms such as Longrich.

  • Opportunity to consume products at the manufacturer’s price:

Another benefit you stand to gain from partnering with an MLM company is the opportunity to purchase products from any sales point, branch office or company joint, at the original manufacturers price (Unit Price). In this way, you can say the consumer deals directly with the company, one way or the other with purchasing of products. This helps you the consumer to save a quantitative amount of profit which would have been charged upon the sales, if it was bought at a retail shop. Take for example; Jasmine partnered with Longrich as a consumer of her favorite product; the Toothpaste, which cured her toothache. Before she partnered, she used to buy this same toothpaste at a retail point, at a retail cost of 40.00ghs. Now after partnering with the Company, she buys this same toothpaste for 28.00ghs, which is the original unit price the company sells it for, at any office or branch. This means that after partnering with the company as a registered consumer, Jasmine will forever buy the toothpaste for 28.00ghs. Imagine how much money she saves yearly for partnering?

  • Residual Income:

Let’s take another instance here. Remember Jasmine now buys her toothpaste for 28.00ghs instead of the 40.00ghs she used to buy it for. Now Jasmine shares her testimony on the quality of the toothpaste and all the benefits she’s getting. Jasmine gets paid for inviting Tessy, who also has toothache. Tessy comes on board, partners as a consumer, buys the toothpaste for 28.00ghs instead of 40.00 from a normal retail shop and saves herself some money. So Jasmine, aside saving money from buying at unit cost, is also getting paid for referring Tessy to also come and be a consumer of the product. If Tessy refers someone to also come on board to consume the products, everyone in the chain of referrals gets paid, aside them all buying the products at the Company’s unit price. Thus, you save money, and you get money for being a partner with the company.

  • Investment Opportunity

Some MLM companies like Longrich (a manufacturing Company which serves its consumers through the MLM platform for their consumer products), awards its partners the opportunity to become branch owners for the company. Herein the company offers you the license to own a local, regional or country branch at a cost, where the branch owner now becomes a sole distributer for the marketing of the Company’s products. Aside this ‘investor’ partnership, the company also awards such investor, a percentage of its global sales which is about 6%-10% on a monthly basis on the point value associated with the products (PV).

  • Incentives

Just as any company rewards its staff with awards and gifts for best performance, similarly MLM companies such as Longrich, awards its best performing business partners regularly with incentives such as trips, cars, houses, scholarships, sales bonuses and many more, as a means to motivate its cherished partners. There are incentive trips, which are all-paid executive trips to countries like Dubai, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa, etc. where partners are given executive relaxation treats to rejuvenate themselves over the period. This trip incentive is awarded quarterly. There are also Car incentives (usually around the cost of usd10,000-usd30,000) awarded where qualifiers get to drive with convenience in the Company’s awarded car to encourage and motivate them in their businesses. There are also other exceptional bonuses like house funds, cash bonuses, free product promotions and many more where best performing partners get to benefit from.

In conclusion, how well you benefit from an MLM platform depends on the kind of platform you partner with. This is why you need to do a thorough research on which platforms offer the basic opportunities as discussed above, in order to make your dream of making it big and becoming wealthy on the MLM platform become a reality. Just as the fact goes; ‘network marketing is the business for the future to come’, similarly, an authentic network marketing platform will help you realize your dream to financial freedom, faster than you ever imagined it to be. Partner with the right Network Marketing Company and live your dream to its authenticity.


Kennedy Amoako

(Charted Accountant & Longrich Multi-Regional Franchisee, Ghana)

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