The AMZ Project, with Akumaa Mama Zimbi of Adom Fm & Adom Tv
The AMZ Project, with Akumaa Mama Zimbi of Adom Fm & Adom Tv
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The Akumaa Mama Zimbi Ferminine Hygiene & Empowerment CAMPAIGN 2021

The renowned tv and radio sensation, the love and sex Doctor, the intelligence behind the popular love talk show on Adom fm and Adom Tv- Odo Ahomaso- in the person popularly known as Akumaa Mama Zimbi (AMZ) has embarked on a life touching journey to influence the lives of all ladies and women across all ages, on the need to ensure absolute feminine hygiene and in achieving that, empower them to attain complete financial freedom.

The Glowax Educational Consult, in Collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES) Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly, and Yilo Krobo Queen Mothers Association have come together to arrange an event in support of Mama Zimbi’s project which took off on Friday 28th of May 2021. The project was sponsored by various institutions including Longrich International; a global manufacturing company that produces a wide range of organic daily care, cosmetics, feminine hygiene and health care products for the achievement of good health by all of its consumers. Longrich as well enables its consumers of the products to achieve a means of financial freedom through the system of multi-level marketing. The project focuses on educating and creating the awareness on the need to ensure good feminine hygiene for all women including queen mothers, women in the corporate and non-corporate sectors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, traders and in fact the general populace of women across the country, but most importantly on ladies in the 1st, 2nd cycle and tertiary institutions. The project seeks to achieve, as part of its maiden goals, that at least over 100,000 ladies have access to good feminine care and are educated on how to care for themselves.

There are many diseases arising among women, especially the younger generation which has its routes mainly from poor feminine hygiene. Some of these are candidiasis/yeast vaginal infections, UTI’s, fibroid, menstrual disorders, abnormal menstrual cramps and many more. Many of these come about as a result of improper or inadequate hygiene care. There are many feminine care products on the market however the issues related to feminine care still exists and is even on the increase. This means that there needs to be the awareness on how to actually take care of ourselves as women, and ensure that the right products are used to help eliminate these issues surrounding feminine care. In accordance to this, Longrich has dedicated about 2,000 pieces of their famous feminine hygiene product; the Sanitary pad to be given to every woman who joins in this campaign to support this wonderful project.

The Longrich sanitary pads and panty liners (also known as the magic pads and liners) contain amazing features and components which target the elimination of all forms of vaginal or uterine infections, painful menstrual cramps, and even possible fibroid lumps within the female body. It is also designed with high quality fibrous and absorbent plant-based cotton and corn gel ingredients which help with absorption and keeping the vaginal area super dry during menstruation. It is lined with a magnetic strip which helps in oxidizing/ensuring enough oxygen passage through the vaginal tissues during menstruation. This helps in keeping an air-dry and heat-free vaginal area during menstruation. Again, the strip contains a magnetic energy which helps in enhancing hormonal function, thereby aiding the balancing of hormones during the menstrual cycle. The pads and panty liners again have been testified by many to be a great solution to eliminating early fibroid lumps which develop within/around the uterus. Even for the men, the panty liner has been testified by many to be a first point cure to prostate cancer. This pad and panty liner has been made specifically for resolving all these forms of unhealthy conditions surrounding menstrual and overall feminine care, and this is why Longrich decided to support in this project by helping to transform lives and bring good feminine health to all women across the country.

The event premiered at the Somanya Presbyterian Church, Somanya in the Eastern region of Ghana, with numerous young girls who are at the Junior High school level of education, from different JHS institutions across the district. In total about 1080-2000 young girls attended the event and they each benefitted greatly from this feminine hygiene and female empowerment project. AMZ educated these young ladies on how to maintain good menstrual hygiene, what products to use in ensuring that their overall feminine hygiene is achieved. She demonstrated how best to use and benefit from the Longrich sanitary pads and panty liners to achieve complete feminine hygiene result. The demonstration of the pad especially its absorption rate and its component layers which help eliminate all forms of menstrual disorders, attracted tumultuous applause from the young ladies and the guests in attendance as they were mesmerized about this “magic” product.

Afterwards, each young lady received two packs of the Longrich sanitary pads and the joy upon their faces was beyond fathom. The organizer of this event and everyone in attendance expressed deeply felt gratitude to AMZ and to Longrich for taking up this project to inspire, impact and touch lives of females across the country (you can visit our gallery page to view the excerpts from the event).

They urged all who are touched by this initiative to come forth and join hands with Akumaa Mama Zimbi and Longrich International to invest in this Feminine hygiene and women empowerment project so that together we can transform lives across the country, Africa and even beyond.


Patience Afi Offei

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